Mobile MRIs

Mobile MRI helps medical professional perform medical imaging outside of a facility, widening health care systems and improving patients’ health.

A mobile MRI is a complete unit that has a scanner, control room, and other additional things. Installing an MRI machine in a facility is an expensive investment. Besides the cost, some healthcare unit does not have enough space to dedicate a room for the MRI unit. A Mobile MRI unit proves to be a great solution to enhance patient care overcoming all odds in terms of financial and accommodational issues.

Your facility needs a Mobile MRI unit when space is one of the hindrances for setting up a conventional unit. Sometimes, you may require an additional MIR machine to meet the healthcare demands. In such scenarios, you can opt for the mobile MRI unit for your facility.

We provide the best-in-class and perfect-to-demands mobile MRI unit that you can also customize as per the requirements. If your facility has a low patient volume, you can also share this mobile unit with other facilities to split the maintenance cost. We offer you the best for your healthcare system.

Other Medical Services

Mobile MRI unit is designed for helping communities and conducting MRIs outside of the conventional medical room. For example, this mobile MRI unit allows you to test many people at senior care. You can customize the mobile MRI unit according to your facility's needs.