How Do Mobile MRIs Help In Patient Care?

Waleed Alabsi says that Mobile MRI systems come with an imaging system in the van together with all the technology that is necessary for performing the imaging procedures such as climate controls, monitors, and magnetic shielding.

Waleed Alabsi says that Mobile MRI systems come with an imaging system in the van together with all the technology that is necessary for performing the imaging procedures such as climate controls, monitors, and magnetic shielding.

Reasons why mobile MRI units are a good investment in patient care:

  1. They minimize the time patients have to wait to get an imaging service. These trailers provide easy transport of the equipment enabling wider access to healthcare.
  2. Aging patients can access MRI imaging without having to travel long distances to hospitals. ThisMobile Unitprovides a viable solution for clinical settings in hard-to-reach areas in rural towns. They provide better communication between healthcare provides which is important when providing the best healthcare to patients. Patients do not need to travel to the hospital to get their results. Their health information can be found in the system.
  3. The cost of a Mobile MRI Scanner. According to Waleed Alabsi, a mobile MRI costs less than a fixed one. Although the main decision behind purchasing a mobile MRI should not be based on cost but on service delivery to locations that cannot afford to provide these medical services in the fixed hospitals. Mobile MRIs are cheaper considering that they do not require the extra infrastructure that is necessary when setting up a fixed one. A reduction in the cost of the MRI can result in a decrease in the cost of service. This results in cheaper medical access. In addition, the costs and services rendered can be shared among different hospitals. This further decreases the cost to the patient and the insurance companies. A decreased installation and site costs further show its advantages when it comes to patient care
  4. In ensuring that the best technological healthcare is provided, these trailers offer the opportunity for testing the quality of the imaging done before the system is bought by hospitals or private clinics.
  5. Waleed Alabsi says that Mobile MRIs provide for easy patient access by healthcare providers. It enables doctors to have better access to patients that are infarreaching towns providing an enhanced patient experience.
  6. The capital investment needed to buy and set up a mobile MRI is low compared to a fixed MRI. This increases the number of mobile MRIs available improving healthcare access and patient to doctor experience.
  7. Mobile MRIs come with the additional benefit of upgrading their existing technology without disrupting service provision significantly
  8. Data by Waleed Alabsi shows that small and medium-sized hospitals may not be able to afford fixed scanners. Mobile MRIs provide a cheaper alternative with providing the same quality of healthcare as a fixed MRI.
  9. The increase in demand for this technology is further compounded by its ability to offer convenient and flexible services, lower fixed costs to the patient and insurance companies and increase revenue.
  10. Areas that are deprived of the much-needed medical imaging are now able to access this service through this Mobile Unit. This enables healthcare providers to diagnose and treat conditions that would have otherwise not been possible due to lack of access to this technology.
  11. A Mobile MRI Scannercan be used to provide backup in cases where the fixed MRI is undergoing maintenance or renovation. It can also help in reducing patient load especially during a crisis that results in mass casualties.
  12. According to Waleed Alabsi, the control of infections is always a matter of concern within the healthcare industry. Even more so with the emergence of COVID-19. Through the mobile MRI, the imaging of patients can be done at their bedside helping in the elimination of the spread of contagions that could occur during patient transportation.

Mobile MRI can be transported to any location and connected to different facilities. Generally, the MRI unit has been placed in a trailer to offer services in different locations. Read on to know more.

Mobile MRI is nothing but the MRI machine in a van or a vehicle that allows medical professionals to conduct medical imaging and other things even outside the hospital and conventional healthcare environment. The mobile MRI unit has a control room and a scanner. As the name says, it can be transported to different locations or connected to multiple facilities. So, the unit erases the gap between health care facilities and the people. Let’s learn more things about the mobile MRI unit. If you need a mobile MRI unit for your facility, please contact Mr Waleed Alabsi, the CEO of the Alabsi Group.

Three Common Uses Of Mobile Unit:


Space is one of the valuable things in a health care facility. Medical professionals always find ways to extend space so that patients can feel relaxed in the environment. Sometimes, emergency cases also come, and they want space to accommodate patients. To reduce the space or to place a second MRI unit to meet the demand, this mobile unit proves to be very helpful. It does not take prime spaces in your hospital and serve demands accordingly.

Splitting the cost:

A single facility with a low patient cannot meet the cost of maintaining a complete unit. But, mobile MRI solves the issue. The different facilities can use a single unit and split the cost of maintenance. So, it serves the best demands.

Short-term rental:

This mobile MRI unit can help you meet the requirements of your facility when the existing MRI unit needs replacement and repairing. You can opt for short-term rentals for the mobile MRI to offer the services. Make sure that the company you rent the machine from has authorized policies. Read reviews and communicate with the company very well before taking any decision.

One thing you must know about the mobile MRI unit is a bit higher service cost. The service cost varies depending on the route and the parking facilities. Some companies have service cost on the MRI machine, while some companies include the trailer also.

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Other Medical Services

Mobile MRI unit is designed for helping communities and conducting MRIs outside of the conventional medical room. For example, this mobile MRI unit allows you to test many people at senior care. You can customize the mobile MRI unit according to your facility's needs.